City Wroclaw

City Wroclaw

Welcome to Wroclaw!  If this is your first visit to Poland and Wroclaw you might consider planning  additional stays in our city to enjoy some of the sights the city has to offer at the conclusion of the tournament. Wroclaw is also accessible to  other spectacular Polish Cities like Poznan, Krakow and Warsaw.
To help accommodate your stay, we would like to share some basic facts with you which can make your stay at Yonex Polish Open 2012 an enjoyable one.


Wroclaw is the fourth biggest city in Poland and the biggest city in the west of the country. It has population of over 630 thousand residents actively involved in the life of the city. Situated on the river Oder and its four tributaries, it is a unique city of 12 islands and 112 bridges!
As the most important city of the Lower Silesia it is its administrative, economic and cultural capital. It is a city with the history of one thousand years where the heritage of the past interwines with the modernity of the business centre.


It's Polish Zloty (PLN). You can find the official exchange mid-rate table here visit tutaj. Please note that your exchange rate will slightly differ when you exchange money in one of the Money Exchange Offices located across the city center (in Polish - KANTOR). There is no commission fee while exchanging.


The fastest way to travel around the city is by taxi - you can ask for assistance ordering at Reception. Also, there is a network of buses and trams. Here, you can check  the current schedule - A single ticket costs 2,40PLN, and can be purchased in the bus by any visa/mastercard. 


Once you reach the city center, try to count the number of dwarfs you may encounter (map with hints here). Why are there dwarfs in Wroclaw...? Well you can translate the stories from (hint: you can try to use google chrome for automatic translation from Polish to English).
Painting one of a kind? Very long and round with incredible focus to detail, presenting a key battle... It's recommended you do not miss the opportunity to see it. All the details are available at here.
Ostrów Tumski is a beautiful island and the oldest place in Wroclaw with its characteristic Green Bridge. Couples in love leave a lock on it to make sure that their love will last forever. It is believed that if you manage to walk across the bridge without saying a word and only thinking of your dreams, it will surely come true. Give it a try! More....
There is a wonderful Fountain which may not yet operate till March but, please wait for the schedules to be announced visit: here.
Night life in Wroclaw... is a never ending experience that awaits the adventurous type as there are multiple choices in the the City Center where you can have some fun times whether it be fine dining that you are seeking or, just a place to enjoy a drink and relax with friends. In most places you will find a City Guide newsletter in English which will guide you through the happenings in the City at present.
If swimming or a frolic in the waves is what you're after, make sure you plan a visit to the Wroclaw Aqua Park, more....


The Market Square is sourrounded by townspeople tenements, the most precious of which are Under the seven Electors, Under the Golden Sun and the Hansel and Gretel. In the evening the Market Square turns into a place throbbing with life where one can have a good time in numerous restaurants, cafes and pubs.


Its situated in the biggest Baroque complex of the city, formed by the former Jesuit Academy and Church. It is the oldest alma mater in Wroclaw and celebrated its 300th anniversary in 2002.