Entry fees and payments

Singles: 40,00 € per player
Doubles: 30,00 € per player per event

Entry fees has to be transferred till 18th March 2012 in to the following account:

Account owner: SKS Matchpoint

Full name and address of the Bank:

Name: Bank PEKAO S.A. Oddział we Wrocławiu

Address: Ul. Powstańców Śląskich 9, 50-950 Wrocław

Account No: 24 1240 6670 1978 0010 4288 7372

If entry fees are not paid according to the regulations, the players concerned are not allowed to play.
The member association that enters a player into a circuit tournament is responsible for paying the entry fees for that player.

For all the players withdrawing in the time between the closing date and the beginning of the tournament the organizers can invoice the entry fee to the relevant member association.