Kobierzyce Commune – a place that brings people together


Kobierzyce Commune mapThe Kobierzyce Commune, a territorial division of the Lower Silesia Province, is situated in the south-western part of Poland. It incorporates 33 villages inhibited by over 15.5 thousand people.
The Kobierzyce Commune offers numerous advantages: location along the national road no. 35 linking Wrocław, Jelenia Góra and Prague as well as the national road no. 8 linking Warsaw, Wrocław, Kudowa Zdrój and Vienna, its proximity to A-4 motorway linking Berlin, Wrocław, Gliwice and Cracow by the so-called "Bielany Junction", location within the Wrocław agglomeration as well as close distance to the borders with Czech Republic and Germany.


Węzeł BielańskiCommunal strategy, which has been adopted and consistently implemented, brought about a change in the regional image. From typically agricultural area, it evolved into industrial and agricultural land.
The policy followed by the local authorities resulted in enormous popularity of this place among investors, both from Poland and abroad. Within the last few years, over 25,000 people from the entire region found employment, thanks to location of numerous investments in the commune area. At present, the value of the capital invested in the Kobierzyce Commune is estimated at more than EUR 2.5 billion. The largest business centres have been established within the Kobierzyce Commune, in the area of Bielany Junction - the Regional Zone for Enterprise Development, which included Cargill, Castorama, Ikea, Tesco, Obi, Pepsi – Cola, ATM, ProLogis, Auchan, Stalprodukt, and Toyota. Among others, the strategic investors comprise the following: LG Display, LG Electronics and Toshiba which are situated within the Special Economic Zone covering over 260 hectares.
Owing to the fact that the Kobierzyce Commune attracted investors, it significantly contributed to larger competitiveness of Polish economy and to the transfer of advanced technologies.


Kościół w TyńcuThe Commune abounds in places worth visiting, attractive due to rich history, beautiful architecture or interesting legend. Small features of sacral architecture - wayside crosses, shrines and figures constitute an inseparable part of the landscape. The Kobierzyce Commune offers numerous tourist attractions in the form of beautiful churches and palaces of historical value. Most of them date back to the end of the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th century. The palace in Kobierzyce is the largest and most frequently visited, at present it is the seat of the Kobierzyce Communal Office. Moreover, the palaces in Biskupice Podgórne, Królikowice, Pustków Żurawski, Wierzbice and Krzyżowice are worth visiting as well as Gothic and late-Gothic churches in Bielany Wrocławskie, Domasław, Wierzbice and Tyniec Mały. The oldest church in the commune area can be found in Tyniec nad Ślężą and it dates back to the 12th century.


Zespół szkół w BielanachWe desire the present wealth of the Kobierzyce Commune to provide firm foundation for the future of the successive generations. We attach enormous significance to education. Two modern schools have been recently built in the Kobierzyce Commune - in Kobierzyce and Bielany Wrocławskie, while other schools and pre-schools have been extensively renovated. The schools are fitted with computer labs and gyms and employ carefully selected teaching personnel; this ensures education on high level and in excellent conditions. The following facilities shall be constructed in the coming years: School and Pre-School Complex in Wysoka as well as School and Pre-School Complex in Tyniec Mały.
The Commune runs community centres, apart from help in children school work and in developing interests; they also provide support in case of difficult life situations. Scholarship Programme of the Kobierzyce Commune is one of the initiatives aimed at young people, its main objective is selection of the most talented students and support of their development. The scholarship is granted for the period of one school year for excellent school and out-of-school achievements in science, arts or sports.


DożynkiPeople living in the Commune foster community spirit and cherish tradition. Picnics and fairs held in May gather people who feast together. Apart from the local inhabitants also local investors and all sympathizers are invited to numerous outdoor events which are important undertakings integrating local community. Communal Harvest Festival which gathers not only local community but also visitors from neighbouring areas, and even from abroad, is particularly significant for all inhabitants. Harvest Festival offers more than excellent fun. Most of all, this ceremony crowns the end of harvest, expresses joy with gathered crop and symbolizes thanks to all farmers for hardship and work done all year round. This Festival is an excellent occasion for feasting together, but also for learning more about our agriculture, our Polish culture, tradition and customs.


InvestmentsAnnually, the Kobierzyce Commune allocates a considerable part of the budget to its own investments. Budget funds allow for implementation of numerous infrastructure investments. Thanks to them Kobierzyce is friendly and safe, a good place to live, study and work.
In the past few years, much has been undertaken and done in order to improve living conditions of the commune inhabitants. The following projects should be mentioned: extension of water supply system over the entire commune, construction of modern educational facilities, commune centres, streets and roads with lighting - to name a few. Moreover, the commune is committed to protection of the natural environment (e.g. reclamation of waste dump in Cieszyce). In order to improve availability of the health service in Kobierzyce, a new health centre was built there in 2006. In 2008 in Ślęza, a newly-constructed mixed use building was put in operation, it hosts pre-school, community health centre and youth community centre. Recently, following extensive renovation, two council housing buildings have been put in operation in Kobierzyce and Pustków Żurawski. After expansion and change of building function, several dozen families received new council flats of high standard.
Moreover, the Kobierzyce Commune values sport. Thus, construction of a modern sport and entertainment arena was completed in Kobierzyce. New multifunction artificial sport fields were constructed in Kobierzyce, Bielany Wrocławskie, Pustków Żurawski and Pustków Wilczkowski. Said multifunction sport fields were put in operation in 2008. We take part in the government programme for construction of sports fields "Orlik 2012". Such a field was constructed in Tyniec Mały in 2009. Moreover, we have erected a new sports centre in Jaszowice.
The largest project implemented in the Kobierzyce Commune is revitalization of Kobierzyce. It aims at spatial arrangement of the place, to give it uniform visual identity. Comfortable space is created, rich in infrastructure and with clear arrangement. Numerous investments have already been completed, some other are being implemented.
Provision of communal public transport turned out a great success. Four regular bus lines ensure connection of each place within the commune with Kobierzyce and Wrocław.
Furthermore, the Kobierzyce Commune has implemented a comprehensive programme whose objective is construction of youth community centres. The programme envisages extensive renovation of existing centres and construction of new centres in places which had none so far. All existing facilities have been renovated; some of them have changed the building shape entirely. Six new youth community centres situated in Szczepankowice, Magnice, Małuszów, Owsianka, Damianowice and Budziszów shall be put in operation this year.
In this respect, the Kobierzyce Commune stands out significantly above other communes of Lower Silesia. Undertakings significant for commune development and improvement of living conditions for commune inhabitants are the priority. Thus, the Kobierzyce Commune is the place that booms, where the economy and community flourish.