SKS Matchpoint

Training of Matchpoint Sports Club Association members. In the photograph younger juniors: Sebastian Regeńczuk and Jan Wolańczyk


The association is a sports club focusing on training children and teenagers allowing them to develop their badminton skills during tournaments, meetings, sports camps, consultations.   Our mission is to continuously extend the club's competences by raising the level of training, cooperating  with state institutions (such as the Kobierzyce District Office, Dolny Śląsk Sports Federation, Marshal Office, Polish Badminton Association) and friendly foreign clubs -  international training exchanges and sports events promoting the Region.


The Association has the Polish Badminton Association licence and it attracts more and more  members including those with a competitor's licence. So far we have managed to reach high positions  in national sub junior and younger junior tournaments, we have won the Dolny Śląsk Championships, qualified to the finals of the Polish Sub Junior Championships and the Polish Youth Olympic Games, won the  Wrocław 2010 Championships in the sub junior and younger junior class and our youngest competitors have been appointed to the macro-region team. Our youngest competitors already occupy high positions on the Polish Badminton Association ranking list!


Badminton school and club training sessions for children and teenagers as well as adults take place in Matchpoint every day. The training staff are qualified coaches and instructors, all of whom were once national representatives.
If badminton is your hobby - simply join us!